Easter 1916 Rare Books


The Easter Rising 1916
  1. 70. Brendan May MacThomais (May 1966) Deathless Glory

    Communicative publication of biography, poetry and commentary on the executed leaders of the Easter Rising with article by Sean F. Lemass, Taoiseach in June 1966 Issue of Studies. 

    Items on Emmet, Casement, The Fianna, Cumann na mBan 
    60 pages, booklet format, double stapled. In excellent condition. Definite collector’s item.


  2. 71. Robert Kee (1972) The Green Flag Volume 2: The Bold Fenian Men

    An introductory, yet scholarly, history of Ireland and Irish nationalism from the Great Famine of the 1840s to the Easter Rising of 1916. Volume Two of Three, the other two being: The Most Distressful Country – from the beginning to the Great Famine and Ourselves Alone from the Easter Rising to the establishment of the Free State in 1923. This Penguin paperback edition is in near perfect condition.


  3. 72. Robert Kee (1976) The Green Flag Volume 2: The Bold Fenian Men '76

    An introductory, yet scholarly, history of Ireland and Irish nationalism from the Great Famine of the 1840s to the Easter Rising of 1916. Volume Two of Three, the other two being: The Most Distressful Country – from the beginning to the Great Famine and Ourselves Alone from the Easter Rising to the establishment of the Free State in 1923. This Quartet paperback edition is in perfect condition.


  4. 73. Brian O’Neill (1936) Easter Week, Lawerence & Wishart Ltd, London First edition

    96 pages in 17 chapters. Very analytical narrative with minute detail and cross referencing to other events globally. Scholarly. Sympathetic and with definite worldview. Rationale for the book is that there had been no detailed account of the Easter Rising written since 1916. All the sources used for the book are listed in the final two pages.
    Researcher’s and scholar’s item, but also a good source for the novice.
    Linen cover in page blue. Faded with sunlight. Some foxing on front inner pages. Binding intact. No markings other than owner’s name in pencil.


  5. 74. Dennis McGlynn (no date) The life and death of Roger Casement

    223 pages. Red cloth cover over boards with black lettering. Some foxing to the edges of pages. Internal hinges in leather. Definite collector’s item


  6. 75. Roger McHugh (1966) Dublin 1916

    50th anniversary publication.
    Signed by the author for Frank McEvoy
    399 pages. Hardback with original dust cover. Some spotting in front and bottom edges of pages. Stamps of Webb Books.
    Contains newspaper cuttings from The Irish Times, April 24 1966 where Cyril Connally reviews the book as well as reviews of Dublin …….

    Also contains 3 hand-written letters from the author to:
    i. Mr McEvoy about donations to fund a Seanad election
    ii. Mr McEvoy about chairing a debate in Kilkenny
    iii. ‘Butler’, acknowledging a cheque for the chairing the debate in Kilkenny.
    Also contains a note about 3 small sums of money, and dates regarding the book Dublin 1916.


  7. 76. Geraldine Plunkett Dillon (2006) All in the blood: a family memoir of the Easter Rising and the War of Independence

    Edited by Honor Ó Brolcháin

    A & Farman, Dublin
    Paperback of 338 pages.
    Exquisite narrative by the sisters of Joseph Mary Plunkett who was executed in 1916.
    The Editor is a grand-daughter of Geraldine Plunkett Dillon.
    Excellent scholar’s resource with copious family photographs not usually available in popular publications.


  8. 77. Gerard MacAlaisney (2013) Tom Clarke: Life, Liberty, Revolution.

    Merrion Press Dublin
    Paperback of 306 pages
    Near perfect condition.


  9. 78. Keith Jeffrey (Ed.) (1999) The Sinn Féin rebellion as they saw it.

    First edition hardback with original dust cover.

    124 pages with several black and white photographs.
    Incorporating two earlier publications:
    i. The Sinn Féin Rebellion as I saw it
    ii. Irish Experiences in War.
    Excellent copy.
    Collector’s and scholar’s item.


  10. 79. Marcus Bourke (1967) The O’Rahilly,

    Anvil Books. Sympathetic narrative of The O’Rahilly’s involvement in the Easter Rising.
    138 pages with unique photographs of the family and of the Rising.
    Some age sporting on top of pages.
    Otherwise in very good condition.


  11. 80. Thomas M. Coffey (1970) Agony at Easter: The 1916 Irish Uprising

    George G. Happar and Co. London, Toronto, Wellington and Sydney
    First edition hardback with original dust cover. 
    The author is a journalist-scholar who spent two years researching the topoic in UCD.
    A Chapter is devoted to each day of The Rising.
    Very clean and sound copy, almost as new, despite some spotting on tops of pages.


  12. 81. Anne Marraeco (1967) The Rebel Countess: The Life and Times of Countess Markievicz

    Corgi Books, London
    Paperback of 320 pages.

    Well researched biography drawing on sources that include family papers, previously unpublished materials and rare photographs.
    Edges of pages discoloured with age, otherwise a very sound and clean copy.


  13. 82. Diana Norman (1987) Terrible Beauty: The Life and Times of Constance Markievicz

    Poolbeg Press, Dublin
    Sympathetic and informed bibliography.
    320 pages paperback.

    Very good clean copy apart from age-yellowing of page edges.


  14. 83. Charles Duff (1966) Six Days to Shake an Empire, A.S. Barnes 7 Co., South Brunswick, New York

    Duff places the Easter Rising at the centre of his narrative about the fall of the British Empire and Commonwealth and the various rebellions that contributed to it. He also uses 1966 as a focal point by which to analyse the impact of the rising on the politics of the island of Ireland, on partition and on relations with Britain. Scholarly and thought-provoking. 301 pages. In excellent condition with original dust cover.


  15. 85. James Connolly (1966 Reprint) Labour in Irish History Desmond Ryan (Ed.) (1966 reprint of the 1949 first publication)

    A selection of the writings of James Connolly with an introduction by William
    O’Brien and supported by the ITGWU.

    Printed and published in Fleet Street Dublin – A sign of the three candles.
    Hardback of 178 pages with original dust cover with pen drawing of Connolly.
    Very good copy with no markings.


  16. 86. Cal McCarthy (2007) Cumann na mBan and the Irish Revolution

    Collins Press Cork
    Paperback of 276 pages with good quality cover which has two evocative photographs of Cumman na mBan activists.
    Perfect copy.


  17. 87. Annie Ryan (2005) Witnesses: Inside the Easter Rising

    Introduced by Margaret MacCurtain
    Liberties Press, Dublin

    The author’s father took part in the Easter Rising and was one of the witnesses consulted for the book.
    Contains unusual photographs from Easter week 1916.
    A very difference perspective on the Rising with a strong human interest focus.

    Very good copy with few markings.


  18. 88. Feargal McGarry (2011) Rebels: Voices from the Easter Rising

    First Edition Hardback by a well-respected author.
    Penguin Press, Ireland
    363 page hardback with dust over and in perfect condition.


  19. 89. Sir Roger Casement (1915) The Crime Against Europe: A Possible Outcome of the War of 1914

    Dodo press reproduction

    94 page paperback with a mini biography of Casement on the back.


  20. 90. Seamus G. O’Kelly (1965) The Glorious Seven

    Second Edition.
    50th anniversary booklet of 1916 Rising.
    Published by Irish News Services and Publication, Dame Street, Dublin 2
    48 page A5 booklet double stapled.

    Sympathetic representation of the ideals of the executed Easter Week leaders.
    Possibly was a school resource.
    Name of owner Sr Augustine, Millstreet.
    Minor red pen marks in text. Cover may have been protected by dust covers originally.
    Otherwise a good reading copy of a rare item.


  21. 91. A. V. Selwood (1966) The Red-Gold Flame: The Dramatic Story of the Easter Rising

    ‘When in 1916 a handful of rebels seized control of Dublin and held it for six days of bloody fighting’.
    Corgi Books.
    Written in documentary style for ‘Englishmen’ who wish to understand the Irish ...

    160 page paperback in very good condition except for age spotting on top of pages.


  22. 92. Fearghal McGarry (2010) The Rising. Ireland: Easter 1916

    Oxford University Press. First edition hardback by respected contemporary Irish historian in Queen’s University Belfast.
    265 pages with popular and new photographs.

    Excellent condition, as new.


  23. 93. Pat McGlynn (Ed) (1986) Éiri Amach na Cásca The Easter Rising 1916

    Printed and published by Republican Publications.
    102 page paperback with perfect binding.
    Detailed narrative of the Easter Rising with sympathetic analysis.
    Contains many photographs not usually seen in popular publications including Thomas Clarke outside his tobacconist chop in Parnell Street, a gathering of Cumann na mBan soldiers who survived the rising, Liberty Hall with a banner commemorating the first anniversary of the execution of James Connolly, prisoners playing Gaelic football in Staffordshire prison in 1916, Citizen Army Volunteers on parade in Fairview, Dublin, and Molly Childers on board the Asgard.
    Contains a list of all who died in the Rising together with the date and their location in the action.
    In perfect condition. Collector’s item.